J-1 Internship Program

The J-1 Visa is an non-immigrant visa for individuals approved to participate in work-based exchange visitor programs. This program allows participant to experience the diverse cultures in the US while gaining international work experience. Through the 12-18 month training program, participants are able to gain training/work experience in the US in order to enhance their skills and qualification.

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Occupational Training Fields

  • Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishing
  • Arts and Culture
  • Construction and Building Trades
  • Education, Social Sciences, Library Science, Counseling and Social Services
  • Health Related Occupations
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Information Media and Communications
  • Management, Business, Commerce and Finance
  • Public Administration and Law
  • Sciences, Engineering, Architecture, Mathematics and Industrial Occupations

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Intern/Trainee Requirements


  • Who are currently enrolled in and pursuing studies at a foreign degree- or certificate-granting post-secondary academic institution outside the United States; or
  • Who have graduated from such an institution no more than 12 months prior to their exchange visitor program start date.


  • Has a degree or professional certificate from a foreign post-secondary academic institution and at least one year of prior related work experience in his or her occupational field outside the United States; or
  • Has five years of work experience outside the United States in the occupational field in which they are seeking training

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